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We have more than 5 years of experience in area of:
· development of own products (billing, mediation, intercarrier billing system, CRM, Fraud prevention system, business intelligence system)
· deployment into heterogeneous environment
· consulting services



The ultimate goal of billing convergence is to streamline the settlement process with a unifying technology, one that can make sense of all the data generated within networks of increasing complexity.

ITS Billing System can help achieve the necessary levels of billing flexibility, data quality, and rapid service deployment to make all content services truly profitable.

Whether your business goal is to derive revenue from new sources, increase operational efficiency, retain customers, or build competitive differentiation and branding, our billing solution delivers results.

The ITS Billing system is responsible for everyday operations of receiving, processing, and rating CDRs. It also contains modules for generating invoices within billing groups or on demand, modules for supervision, and modules for fraud detection and prevention management



Our NOC services provide a complete "end-to-end" solution which enables our clients incredible cost savings while meeting their business objectives-it's less expensive than an In-House solution and it allows you to refocus on your core business competencies.Whatever your needs, ITS can provide you the necessary support and services you need to keep you and your clients "up and running".

Advantages of Partnering with ITS NOC

People: experienced, skilled network technicians and management
Processes: proven methodologies customized to meet your needs!
Technology: state of the art infrastructure & network management tools
Risk Adverse: experienced, affordable, customized solutions
Financially: no capital investments, affordable monthly fees
Seamless Integration: customer branded interactions

ITS Services can be customized to meet your network operations needs whether your organization needs around the clock support, supplemental staffing, or secondary "hot site or backup" coverage. We can take care of as much or as little as you need!

Scalability and Technology


ITS Billing Features


ITS Rating Features